Medical Student LSI Integration

The ultrasound program at the Ohio State University College of Medicine is well integrated in the medical education through curricular and extracurricular activities.



Identify bone, muscle and tendons in the shoulder, knee, and wrist


Identify normal cardiac anatomy in various planes. Visualize valve function and how the anatomy changes in systole and diastole

Head and Neck

Identify the carotid, IJ. Visualize the brachial plexus ad trachea. Identify and describe normal ocular anatomy


Identify gallbladder and pancreas. Differentiate between hepatic arteries, hepatic veins, and portal veins.


Identify Morison's pouch, renal hilum, renal cortex and pyramids

Endocrine and Reproductive


Ground School

Ring specific ultrasound scans that students will experience and participate in on their clinical rotations


ACAE- advanced competencies alternate experience

4 week course of ultrasound immersion

Honors Ultrasound

  • Contact Person: David Bahner, Sharon Pfeil
    • Email:
    • Core Objective: Achieve an Advanced Competency and acquire US clinical US knowledge
    • Duration: Over the course of 1 year.
        • Structure:
      • Clinical scanning
      • Journal club
      • Honors project
      • Pathology
    • Evaluation of competency: A combination of both written and practical tests demonstrating competency in all areas.
      • Upon completion of the program, students will earn a grade on their Dean's Letter.


  • 4th year Emergency Medicine Rotation.
  • Application of Ultrasound to the patient in Shock