Communities of Practice

The goal of the Ultrasound Communities of Practice (COPs) is to enable collaboration among medical students, residents, and faculty leaders interested in promoting focused academic ultrasound in a specific medical specialty.

There will be 13 different COPs, and each will contain students, residents, and faculty members. Each COP will be asked to look at the ultrasound services in clinical and educational settings, research ideas, and program management. Access to CSEAC and EMSONO for didactic lectures will be provided in order to enhance ultrasound education among members of the COPs.

Communities of Practice


  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Kyle Macaluso
    • Dr. Andrew Springer
    • Dr. Kenneth Moran
    • Dr. Ravi Tripathi
  • Residents/Fellows
    • Dr. Connor McNamara
    • Dr. Anthony Nguyen
  • Contact: Honor Students (M4's)
    • Priscilla Agbenyefia (
    • Darab Zarrabi (
    • Christopher Dukatz (

Critical Care

  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Eric Adkins
    • Dr. Doug Closser
    • Dr. Dave Evans
    • Dr. Christian Jones
    • Dr. Chris Kempe
  • Residents/Fellows
    • Dr. Amar Vira
    • Dr. Ashley Ivkovich
  • Contact: Honor Students (M4's)
    • Jennifer Merrill (

Emergency Medicine

  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. David Bahner
    • Dr. Creagh Boulger
    • Dr. Lydia Sahlani
    • Dr. Ash Panchal
    • Dr. Amar Vira
  • Contact: Honor Student (M4)
    • David Meranda (
  • Scope of Practice (CAT-P-RIB-MTVO)
    • Cardiac, Aorta, Trinity, Procedural, Renal, IUP, Biliary, MSK, Thoracic, Vascular, Ocular

Family Medicine

  • Attending Physician
    • Dr. Fred Miser
  • Contact: Honor Students (M4's)
    • Greg Jungwirth
    • Erica Mathieu

Internal Medicine

  • Attending Physician
    • Dr. Saaid Abdel-Ghani
  • Residents/Fellows
    • Dr. Nikita Desai
    • Dr. Chris Esber
  • Contact: Honor Students (M4's)
    • Polina Vaynshtok (
    • Matt Sullivan (
    • Arwa Mesiwala (
    • Jen Merrill (

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Attending Physician
    • Dr. Musindi
  • Residents/Fellows
    • Dr. Rebecca Rieck
    • Dr. Stephen Gee
  • Contact: Honor Student (M4)
    • Yueyang Fei (Frances) (


  • Resident
    • Dr. Dimosthenis Mantopoulos


  • Attending Physician
    • Dr. Emile El-Shammaa
  • Resident
    • Dr. Bo Marshall
  • Contact: Honor Student (M4)
    • Abim Oduguwa (

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Attending Physician
    • Dr. Marcia Bockbrader


  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Allison Quick
    • Dr. David Bahner
  • Contact: Honor Student (M4)
    • Andrew Robinson (

Sports Medicine & Rheumatology

  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Kendra McCamey
    • Dr. Nicole Bundy
    • Dr. Melanie Kennedy
  • Resident
    • Dr. Kimberly Fisher
  • Contact: Honor Student (M4)
    • David Hartnett (


  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Ben Sigmond
    • Dr. Daniel Eiferman
  • Resident
    • Dr. Eliza Beal
  • Contact: Medical Student (M3)
    • Paul Paetow (


  • Attending Physicians
    • Dr. Geoff Box
    • Dr. Timothy Macclure
  • Resident
    • Dr. Joseph Wan

Schedule of Quarterly Meetings

  • First Meeting (Aug-Nov)
    • COPs will meet to discuss goals for the year and write up an agenda.
    • Faculty and residents will mentor junior students to give them a perspective about their field and how they use ultrasound in it.
  • Second Meeting (Dec-Mar)
    • Ultrasound Didactic in CSEAC - Faculty and residents will teach medical students the most commonly used ultrasound scans in their specialty.
  • Third Meeting (Apr-July)
    • Journal Club Meeting - COPs will discuss the major ultrasound research articles in regards to the specific medical field.

Roles & Responsibilities

Attending Physicians

  • Attend and oversee quarterly meetings
  • Determine the ultrasound Scope of Practice for the medical specialty.
    • Determine which ultrasound scans are the most relevant for their field and that residents and medical students should become proficient at. Coordinate with residents to teach them to medical students at didactics and discuss at journal club meetings.
  • Plan the agenda for the year with residents and M4s
  • Mentor medical students interested in the field: research projects, shadowing opportunities


  • Brainstorm ideas to provide a local area of expertise in the specific medical field
  • Plan the agenda for the year with faculty and M4's
  • Decide which elements to incorporate in medical student teaching: journal clubs, quarterly ultrasound didactics, etc.
    • Provide relevant ultrasound research articles in relation to specialty field two weeks ahead of time before a journal club in order to facilitate discussion
  • Communicate with Honors students (M4's) to facilitate the administration of the program
  • Mentor medical students interested in the field: research projects, shadowing opportunities

Honor Students (M4's)

  • Lead the administrative coordination of the COPs including scheduling educational hands on time and the scholarly documentation of projects and progress
  • Plan agenda of the year with faculty and residents
  • Create a Google Shared Folder to have research articles and other documents of the COP in one place
  • Set the agenda
    • Schedule quarterly meetings via Doodle polls to determine availability
    • Schedule room reservations and organize food delivery
  • Liaison between physicians and junior students
  • Mentor junior students (M3's, M2's)
    • Matching, interviewing, research

Junior Students (M3's, M2's)

  • Continuously update a database of all ultrasound literature that relates to the field
    • Utilize PubMed and upload articles onto a Google Shared Folder