US in Anatomy (M1)


All 1st year medical students are introduced to practical anatomical relationships that can be demonstrated using ultrasound technology. This course exposes first year medical student to those techniques necessary to acquire and interpret basic ultrasound images while enhancing the standard Gross Anatomy experience. This occurs over two one hour lectures and six hands-on sessions dedicated to different anatomic areas.

Goals and Objectives:

Back/Upper Extremity/Lower Extremity:

  • Be able to distinguish Muscle from Bone from Tendon
  • Identify the Supraspinatus tendon and differentiate from Subscapularis tendon
  • Identify the Biceps tendon in the bicipital groove
  • Identify the flexor tendons of the wrist in the carpal tunnel
  • Identify the Median nerve
  • Identify the quadriceps muscle, tendon, patella and patellar tendon insertion

Thorax and Abdomen:

  • Demonstrate the IVC passing through the diaphragm into the right atrium in a subxiphoid transverse view of the thorax
  • Differentiate the ultrasound appearance of portal veins and hepatic veins
  • Identify the portal triad on ultrasound and how to distinguish portal vein from hepatic artery from bile duct
  • Demonstrate the gallbladder in two planes (sagital/ transverse)
  • Recognize the liver kidney interface and the potential space of Morison
  • Demonstrate the aorta and its branches in short and long axis

Head and Neck:

  • Visualize the trachea and surrounding thyroid
  • Identify and compress the internal jugular vein and distinguish it from the carotid artery