July 2017

Hello scanners!

Welcome to the July edition of our monthly newsletter. Even though it's summer, the entire USIG team is working hard to make this the best year of ultrasound yet! Check out everything that's going on below, make sure to follow us on social media and as always email us if you have any questions!

UltraFest is a free Ultrasound Symposium where we plan to host more than 200 medical students, undergraduate college students, and high school students from across the Midwest and the entire country, as well as physicians from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Our purpose is to teach ultrasound fundamentals and point of care ultrasound scanning techniques through scanning sessions and fun competitions! Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Beginner Ultrasound

TSUP Sign up

Upcoming Scanning Sessions:

  • 9/5
  • 10/10
  • 11/21
  • 1/9
  • 2/6
  • 3/13
  • 4/3

Intermediate Ultrasound


Upcoming Sessions:


  • TBD: Orientation
  • 7/5: Critical Care/Cardiac
  • 7/12: Procedural
  • 7/19: Pelvic/Fetal
  • 7/26: FAST/Aorta

Fall IUS Apps will be sent in August

Advanced Ultrasound

Log Hours

Path Session-Dyspnea

  • July 12
  • 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Prior 6 Conference room
  • Open to all


  • July 19
  • 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Prior 6 US room
  • AUS only

~Case of the Month~

A 56 yo patient comes in with hypotension and the question comes up whether the patient will need fluids. You get a picture of the IVC and do an M Mode tracing to determine the volume status in this non intubated patient.

Based on the images, the estimated CVP would be…

  1. 0-5 mm Hg
  2. 6-10 mm Hg
  3. 11-15 mm Hg
  4. 16-20 mm Hg

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Creagh Boulger, M.D.

Creagh has come off one of the most spectacular academic years ever had by a faculty member. Besides being an exemplar clinician and team player that always goes above and beyond for patient care, Creagh is a fantastic educator. Not only at the bedside, but in simulations, classrooms and hands on with students, residents, fellows or faculty. This is why she was named Professor of the Year by the graduating class of 2017. Creagh's involvement has included our AMHBC experience with 4th years who learn about shock and how to use ultrasound. Creagh has also helped shepherd the Advanced Competency longitudinal curriculum past the part 3 committee. The process is currently stalled as we attempt to find resources to integrate all of the LSI programs regarding ultrasound across part 1 2 and 3. Creagh has been integral in the design and her leadership is why she was elected president elect of AEUS. Creagh's ability to get involved, meet new people, lend a helping hand is the reason she has distinguished herself at the national level. Dr. Boulger was first author on the advanced track ultrasound path for residents which she coordinated as a 'mini fellowship" in design and has had resident leadership involved in projects and education. Expanding the roles of residents in the student activities is a major goal as the residents are interested, yet the coordination of their participation is less than ideal. Hopefully the maturation of the basic and advanced tracks at UME, GME and CME will allow us to consolidate our programs and truly start to structure mentorship.

Creagh came to us as a medical student from Wright State. Her residency is a model for women who strive to balance work and family. She gets it done. Creagh does it all and I am hoping that with better administration and coordination, that we can facilitate Creagh's leadership into strategy, rather than being at almost every session even if she is post night shift. Creagh has given her all and she has more to give. My hope is that we all work smarter and harder and expand our pool of leaders at all levels. (Submitted by Dr. Bahner)

Didactics (Where: James B050)

  • 7/26: MSK 5-6 pm

Hands-on (Where: Prior 6)

  • 7/13: 5-7 pm

Journal Club (Where: Prior 6)

  • 7/19 5-8 pm

In the coming year, we will continue to emphasize the Ultrasound Timeout and encourage models to “Speak Up” if an uncomfortable situation arises.

If you are interested in becoming a TSUP model, click here.

Please consider volunteering as a TSUP during IUS held in July--these hours can be included for your required 15 IUS hours. Email here if interested!

July Opportunities:

  • 7/5 - Critical Care/Cardiac Ultrasound
  • 7/12 - Procedural Ultrasound
  • 7/19 - Pelvic/Fetal Ultrasound
  • 7/26 - FAST/Aorta Ultrasound

Sign Up Here (Sessions from 5:30-7:30 pm)

Proctor Guides Here

Ultrasound Communities of Practice are groups of students and doctors dedicated to furthering ultrasound within their specialty. This is where you'll find the latest information on COP activities.

We are currently bolstering the COPs over the summer to prepare for the fall. If you're interested in being a COP leader, email us!

Also, look for an email soon about ED scan shifts!

The Ultrasound Research Interest Group(USRIG) is a newly formed group for engaging in ultrasound research and helping students with all steps of the research process from finding a project to securing funding to publishing a manuscript to presenting at a national conference!

Interested? Email USRIG President Rohithere... we look forward to working with you!

Note from the Advisor

Dear students,

Keep up the good work! What else can I say? The fact is that our OSU students are leaders, serve our patients and the community and inspire me. I'm glad USIG embraces the spirit of LSI in all of the things that we do. As we transition from June to July, this is an important time in the medical career of a doctor. When you are a finishing medical school you get to apply and interview for residency, rank your programs and match. July marks that time when students transition to residency and new roles. It is really quite fun to meet people, talk about your past and then about the future as students transition to their new roles as physicians. Some of the ways to think about the future is through ultrasound. Whether it is ultrasound's impact in helping students learn anatomy, physiology, pathology, point of care OR to use in it research both diagnostic and therapeutic with HIFU or ESWL. The future is bright with ultrasound and our students are leading the way in regards to ultrasound.

First of all, our USIG has been in steady hands as Cindy Chang turned the leadership over to Antoinette Pusateri. Given the teamwork of the entire USIG executive board, there is an ambitious agenda. The nice thing is the power of experience and as the USIG has built in responsibility and leadership, the students have stepped up to take charge. I take great pride in seeing our students act as leaders to use ultrasound to help with procedures or teach seniors or even faculty. Our OSU product is an international brand and we hope to continue the momentum going forward.

It is hard for me to keep you informed on all the activities for ultrasound but I will try. The US Division of The Department of Emergency Medicine was Formed this past May 2017. Two Fellows start in July, Irene Mynatt DO and Jessica Everett M.D. Dr. Creagh Boulger will assume the title of Fellowship Director of the Ultrasound Division. The community of practice framework is a good one and hopefully USRIG will liberate the publication prowess of our students residents, fellows, faculty and support staff as we move ideas to manuscripts.

The WCUME is coming up in October and we will be arranging a trip​ to Montreal to present our research and network with other medical educators. Many students have had their research accepted and we hope to continue our leadership at the national level. At the last 3 national meetings, AIUM 2016, WCUME 2016 and AIUM 2017, OSU students have claimed first in a competition among students from national medical schools. Right now, if our students challenged the residents and faculty to ultrasound skills I know who I think would win if you took an average student and an average resident, attending. The rationale behind the Ultrasound Olympics in 2010 was only the strongest survive. You have to learn it, own it, master it. Students have a higher ceiling because they have more time and no preconceived notions that they should not learn this skill. I am proud of the consistent work that our students put forth in regards to learning and teaching ultrasound to others.

Finally, this week was MD Camp as our USIG helped host the ultrasound portion. High school students were able to learn from our medical students, how to scan and what to look for. It is a fantastic sight to see our students sharing their medical knowledge and ultrasound skills with motivated high school students. This is the future of ultrasound. Spreading the knowledge of this tool in the hopes of helping our patients. The state of our USIG is strong!


David Bahner M.D., RDMS

Professor of Emergency Medicine

Ultrasound Opportunities

USRIG President Rohit Menon has helped develop a cardiac ultrasound OSCE on a simulator that aims to assess echo competency for his summer project. He would love to recruit you! Follow the linkor email him at rohit.menon@osumc.edu if you are interested!


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