Trinity Ultrasound Protocol

Trinity Views

1. Cardiac Parasternal Long Axis

2. Cardiac Parasternal Short Axis

3. Subxiphoid of Heart and IVC

4. Aorta at Level of SMA

5. Aorta at Bifurcation

6. Suprapubic Including Bladder

7. Perihepatic

8. Perisplenic

Knobology with Dr. Bahner

Dr. Bahner discusses some of the basics to improving images using the options available on most standard ultrasound machines.


The Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) has been used by emergency physicians and surgeons for decades to diagnose hemoperitoneum and hemopericardium at the bedside. Many studies have demonstrated a good positive predictive value for the test in the setting of blunt torso trauma.

Cardiac Exam

Dr. Bahner reviews the basic principles of cardiac ultrasound using a standardized ultrasound patient.