Residents And Faculty


Our residents spend 6 weeks of curricular time on Ultrasound rotation with us. During this time there is a minimum of 25 hours of bedside instruction with our ultrasound Faculty. They are to complete 400 scans by the end of their residency. In addition to the 6 weeks of core ultrasound time the residents have the option to do ultrasound electives with us as well as the ultrasound track which includes research project, national presentation and teaching.

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Anesthesia/Critical Care


Ultrasound Fellows

OSU has an active ultrasound fellowship. The fellows have defined roles in Education, Research and Clinical arenas. Fellows take an active role in bedside and classroom teaching. Our fellows are an integral part of our quality review. The fellows have regular didactic sessions. In addition each fellow has a research project with the goal of publication or presentation at a national conference.

Calendar- Scanning Time