SICU Fellows

We have created a collaborative curriculum between emergency medicine and surgical critical care programs. This curriculum will familiarize you with the applications of POCUS in the SICU and the common pathologies you will encounter.


Complete US Rotation with EM

Attend and Present at Monthly Didactics

Compile US Portfolio for review at the end of the year

Complete Assigned Modules/Quizzes

Attend Journal Club

Complete Final Exam

EM Rotation

    • Orientation Module
    • A Typical Day
      • Mornings are spent either on asynchronous learning or scanning in the ED with the rotating EM resident
        • Asynchronous learning can include: Podcasts, Journal Articles, Quizzes, Readings, Modules
      • Scanning in ED ( expect ~10 scans to be completed in AM for lunch review with faculty)

Sample Scans: Cardiac/IVC for Hypotension, Cardiac/Thoracic for dyspnea, Renal/OB for abdominal pain, Procedural

      • Afternoon team will meet up in ED

Assure machine homeostasis ( clean, memory available, plugged in, archiving/querying)

Run the board looking for potential scans

Dyspnea, SOB, Chest pain, Flank Pain, Pregnancy, Tachycardia, Hypotension, Trauma, Syncope

Potentially ICU or Skills Lab Scanning

Some days there may be educational events we will attend or run

    • Wednesdays Meet in room 761

Wednesdays are our primary education day. We will begin Resident Case Presentations and a subsequent didactic. Time permitting will also cover QA Review, interesting cases, QI Issues and may even scan in the skills lab

** Curriculum, specifically articles, subject to change as new publications release

      • VASCULAR
  • Readings

Pathology/Tasks to see and do

    • Free Fluid in Abdomen
    • Depressed Contractility
    • Volume Responsiveness
    • NALTA (needle to target)
    • AAA
    • Dissection
    • Pneumonia
    • Pneumothorax
    • Pleural Effusion
    • Interstitial Edema
    • Tamponade
    • RV Strain
    • DVT
    • Depth/Gain
    • B Mode
    • MMode
    • Power Doppler
    • Color Doppler
    • Dynamic Range
    • Cardiac Calc Packages