October 2019

Ultrasound Interest Group

October 2019 Newsletter

It's almost time for Ultrafest!!

Mark your calendars for this year's 6th Annual Ultrafest on Saturday, November 16th from 8am-4pm in Meiling and Graves Hall. Ultrafest is a yearly symposium for ultrasound hosted by the Ohio State University College of Medicine's own Ultrasound Interest group. Every year we invite over 200 medical, college, and high school students from across America to participate in a day of competition, fun, and learning events. Ultrafest will include expert ultrasound speakers, scanning sessions, and opportunities to compete against your fellow students in ultrasound challenges. Food will also be provided! ​

Registration can be found here.

Upcoming AIUM Conference Deadline

Have you done any ultrasound related research this past year? If so, make sure you submit your abstract for the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine conference by Tuesday, October 8th at 11:59am​ Eastern Time! This year the conference is March 21-25, in New York, NY. Click here for more info.

If you’re submitting an abstract, please fill out the following form, maintained by the Ultrasound Research Interest Group (USRIG). This will let us send you additional news and resources (such as travel info and funding opportunities) as the conference approaches! We will also coordinate practice sessions for those selected for oral presentations, and a template poster for those selected for e-poster presentations. https://forms.gle/Bec52M8Uz9qv8DUZA

And if you really like ultrasound...

Register to be part of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine! Registration is $25/year for students. Membership gives you access to their monthly journal and email updates. When you join the AIUM, you are joining a multidisciplinary society of 9,000 physicians, sonographers, scientists, and other allied health personnel from around the world dedicated to advancing the safe and effective use of ultrasound in medicine! Click here for more info.


Did a proctor just change your life with some cool new mnemonic? Do you think that your TSUP during the scans is exceptional and gave you much pointers about the scans because they have been there forever and knows where the probe should be to get the best window? Or do you think your TSUPs and proctors are just cool and awesome people and you wanna thank them?

Here's your chance! USIG is trying to recognize exceptional Proctors and TSUPs every semester and we need your help to point them out to us! Please fill out this short form and tell us why they are awesome so that they can be recognized!


UCARE is a program for motivated medical students, geared toward M1's enrolled in BUS, to gain additional ultrasound-based experiences with the goal of developing future leaders in Ultrasound. Participants will be exposed to a broad scope of ultrasound topics including clinical medicine, administration, research, and education. Benefits of UCARE participation are as follows:

  • Creation of a portfolio of ultrasound scans
  • Access to events only open to UCARE, such as ED scanning sessions with Dr. Bahner
  • Multiple opportunities for leadership in ultrasound

UCARE recruitment will come from BUS participants who demonstrate a desire to become more deeply involved in ultrasound. If you have any questions please reach out to remy.powell@osumc.edu

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Ultrasound Updates

The fall courses are rolling!

  • Next BUS/IUS scan: 10/24, Prior 6th floor lab
  • Next AUS path session: 10/08, Prior 6th floor seminar room
  • Next AUS scan: 10/10, Prior 6th floor lab

BUS contacts: elizabeth.bashian@osumc.edu, elizabeth.barmash@osumc.edu

IUS contacts: alexandra.allman@osumc.edu, chelsea.leipold@osumc.edu

AUS contacts: sarah.hatef@osumc.edu, cindy.luan@osumc.edu

Communities of Practice

Interested in practicing ultrasound in a particular specialty? Want clinical and/or research exposure in this area? Ultrasound Communities of Practice (COPs) are groups of students and physicians dedicated to furthering ultrasound within their specialty. Interested students can sign up here!

Contact matthew.leupold@osumc.edu with questions.

New: Proctor Training!

Stay tuned for a second proctor training session, tentatively set for 11/04 with time TBD. There are many upcoming events where TSUPs and proctors are needed! See the TSUP updates below for the link to sign up!

TSUP Updates

  • Interested in TSUPing? Instructions can be found at TSUP Training
  • As a reminder, if you sign up to TSUP and have to cancel, you are responsible for finding a replacement TSUP! Please don't leave scanners high and dry!
  • There are many upcoming events where TSUPs and proctors are needed! Check out the TSUP and Proctor Sign-Up

Ultrasound Hours Reminder

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