November 2018

USIG November 2018


Hi Ultrasound Enthusiasts!!

Please see our November calendar and announcements below.

As always let us know if you have any questions!

What’s New in USIG - UltraFest Recap

The 5th Annual UltraFest was our biggest yet!

- 218 participants and volunteers

- 42 ultrasound machines donated

- 12 medical schools represented from 4 different states

If you participated in UltraFest please take a minute to tell us about your experience at the following link,

The event would not have been a success without our donors here at OSUCOM including the Alumni Organization, IPC, Student Council, and the Emergency Medicine Department. Additionally, ​42 ultrasound machines were lent to the Ultrasound Interest Group from Sonosite, GE, Sonosim, Phillips, Mindray, Clarius, Butterfly, and our very own CSEAC. A huge thank you to the faculty and donors that helped make this day a success!

Finally, thank you to our TSUPs and Proctors!! UltraFest would not be possible without you. Please take a minute to fill out the survey found at the link,

We're already looking forward to seeing all of you back next fall for our 6th Annual UltraFest!

Beginner Ultrasound Updates

- The next scanning session will be held on 11/6. BUS will be learning about musculoskeletal scans.

- Contact coordinators Libbey Huffman ( and Kyle McAtee ( with questions

Intermediate Ultrasound Updates

- The next scanning session will be held on 11/6. IUS will be learning about hepatobiliary scans.

- Contact coordinators Yalan Vu ( and Nikki Payne ( with questions

Advanced Ultrasound Updates

- Vascular pathology scanning session will take place on 11/8 from 5-7:30pm

- Contact coordinators Nayan Shah ( and Amber Gombash ( with questions

TSUP and Proctor Updates

- As a reminder we need all TSUPs to renew their training this year, instructions can be found at TSUP Training

- We are always looking for TSUPs and Proctors for our many scanning events, and the December schedule has just been released for you to sign-up. Please check the sign-up link, TSUP and Proctor Sign-Up

Ultrasound Hours Reminder

-The hour requirement for all ultrasound courses is 15 hours, as a reminder proctoring counts for double hours

-Ultrasound Hours FAQs

-Log ultrasound hours here

-Check logged hours here

Communities of Practice

- Ultrasound Communities of Practice are groups of students and doctors dedicated to furthering ultrasound within their specialty

- We are currently recruiting new members for our COPs (Emergency, OB/GYN, IM, ENT, Surgery, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, MSK, Urology).

- Please email and if you are interested in participating in any capacity.