Medical Student Extracurricular


Beginner Ultrasound

Contact Person: Dain Landholm, Alishia Kamboj, Michael Lause


Core Objective: Understand basics of ultrasound, including physics, knobology and three core scans comprising the Trinity protocol (aorta, FAST, cardiac).

Duration: Over the course of 1 year, any medical student from all 4 years can join.

Structure and Requirements

  • US Physics & Test (Lecture and Test)
  • Hands-on knobology/movement (multiple sessions)
  • TSUP modeling 5-10 hours
  • Attend two out of three scanning sessions on aorta, cardiac and FAST.
  • Optional: Participate in MULTI sessions

Evaluation of competency: US physics written test and scanning exam.

Contact Person: Amber Gombash, Nicholas (Max) Scoville


Core Objective: At the end of the program, students should be able to understand I-AIM for 6 core Ultrasound scans: Aorta, Cardiac, FAST, Critical Care, Pelvic, and Procedures.

Duration: May 2015 - February 2016. Students who have passed the Beginners Ultrasound program can join.

Structure and Requirements:

  • Physics II (Lecture and Test)
  • Artifacts emphasis
  • TSUP modeling: 15 hrs
  • 10 saved scans - 2 required every month
  • Flipped didactics: Attend at least four out of the six didactics. However, students will be tested on all.

Evaluation of competency: Final Exam (written and scanning exam.)

Upon passing the written and scanning exam, students will qualify for proctoring and Advanced US

Advanced Ultrasound

Contact Person: Michelle Corrado, Nick Kelly


Core Objective: Learn advanced ultrasound scans, pathology and leadership training

Duration: Over the course of 1 year. Students who have passed the Beginners Ultrasound program can join.



Contact Person: Daniel Francescon

MULTI sessions: 13 different specialties

Future Projects:

  • Monthly pathology sessions (open to anyone)
  • Monthly advanced scans (open only to completion of intermediate)
  • US scanning rounds
  • US Grand Rounds

Evaluation of competency (for Advanced Ultrasound): Pathology test

Advanced scans (only if completed Intermediate Ultrasound )

Trained Simulated Ultrasound Patient (TSUP)

Contact Person: Amber Gombash, Nicholas (Max) Scoville


Core Objective: Model at different ultrasound scanning sessions.

  • It should be emphasized that joining the TSUP program and modeling is completely voluntary and students are by no means pressured to expose any body part that they do not wish to expose. We also refrain from scanning the TSUP models' breasts (for females) and genitalia (in both genders).

Ultrasound Programs Offered By The Ohio State College Of Medicine

Ultrasound Programs offered by the Ohio State University College of Medicine