Case of the Month - November 2014

Post date: Nov 11, 2014 1:56:50 AM

19 y female with 10 hours of abdominal pain. Pain has now migrated to RLQ.

Patient reports nausea and vomiting. No fevers.

No trauma.

No dysuria or hematuria.

RLQ US using linear probe at 4.3 cm depth shows blind ending pouch draped over iliac artery

Appendix is non compressible, has no flow, has no peristalsis, and when normal measures 6mm or less.

RUQ US using curvinlinear probe at 13 cm depth shows anechoic region in pelvis. When color placed on this region there is no flow. This is suggestive of hydronephrosis.

Patient ended up having right renal stone as cause of pain.


  • Found normal appendix
  • Found GU pathology

See article in NEJM in regards to US v CT for renal Colic

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