August 2019

Ultrasound Interest Group

August 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming: a USIG body meeting will be held Monday, August 26th!

5:30-7:00pm in Meiling 112

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  • Twitter: @osuultrasound

Beginner Ultrasound Updates

Application for the next round of BUS will open 08/26 - please keep an eye out for emails. Contact Lizzy Barmash ( or Lizzy Bashian ( with questions.

Intermediate Ultrasound Updates

Applications for the next round of IUS will open 08/26 for any those who have completed BUS - please look out for emails! Contact Allie Allman ( or Chelsea Leipold ( with questions.

Advanced Ultrasound Updates

The application window for AUS has just closed, acceptances will be emailed out soon. The first pathology session scheduled for September 15th in the James conference room B050. Contact coordinators Sarah Hatef ( and Cindy Luan ( with questions.

Communities of Practice

Interested in practicing ultrasound in a particular specialty? Want clinical and/or research exposure in this area? Ultrasound Communities of Practice (COPs) are groups of students and physicians dedicated to furthering ultrasound within their specialty.

We are currently recruiting new members for our COPs in all specialties (EM, OB/GYN, IM, FM, ENT, MSK, Anesthesia, Surgery, Peds, Urology, etc.). Please email,, and if you are interested.

TSUP and Proctor Updates

  • A proctor training program will be starting in September, tentatively 09/04! This is open proctor training for all who have completed BUS! More details to follow.
  • Interested in TSUPing? Instructions can be found at TSUP Training
  • New this year: If you completed TSUP consent forms last year you are covered for this year too! No further action required, just sign up to model!
  • There are many events this summer where we are looking for TSUPs and Proctors, check out the TSUP and Proctor Sign-Up

Ultrasound Hours Reminder