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Cardiac Ultrasound

Cardiac Bahner VideoAorta Slides


  • Hypotension
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Dyspnea
  • Chest pain (angina)


  • Subxyphoid(SUX)
  • Long Axis Parasternal (LAX)
  • Short Axis Parasternal (SAX)
  • Apical 4/5 Chamber (A4C)
  • Supine or Left Lateral Decubitus
  • Phased Array ( can use Curvilinear)

Subxiphoid (SUX)

Long Axis (LAX) 

Short Axis (SAX) at the Aortic Valve

Short Axis (SAX) at the Mitral Valve

Short Axis (SAX) at the Papillary Muscles

Apical 4 Chamber

Interpretation + Medical Decision Making

Case 1- Lightheaded 

35 y female 3 weeks postpartum who has exertional dyspnea

Case 2- Fever and Ill feeling 

Case 3 - "Can't Catch My Breath"

54 yo male presents to the ER with a progressive increased in shortness of breath over the last month.  Patient has a history of leukemia, currently in remission for 6 years.  Patient reports chest pain with 

Case 4- Patient Unresponsive

84 yo female was

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