Proctor Pool

Contact People:

Creagh Boulger MD RDMS


David Bahner MD RDMS

Core Objective: 
Have trained faculty to teach ultrasound to various levels of learners in a structured and professional manner at educational sessions using our TSUPs and phantoms

What is a TSUP?

TSUP is a program set up to allow medical students to learn anatomy and physiology and the clinical application of point ot care ultrasound all while serving as an ultrasound model. Students are given an orientation and a series of didactics .

How to Be a Proctor

Step 1. Contact the coordinators

Creagh Boulger MD RDMS

David Bahner MD RDMS

Step 2. Complete the following:

  1. Read the TSUP Bill of rights

  2. Complete Orientation (Speak Up TSUP) and How to Ultrasound Timeout Videos and Quiz

  3. CBL on Sexual Harassment and send certificate to coordinators

  4. CBL on Cultural Sensitivity and send certificate to coordinators

    1. CBLs are also available on the home page of OneSource if accessing from computer outside the firewall

Step 3.  Complete competency/content assessment

Step 4. Signup to Proctor

  1. Prior to attending a session review online materials for that scan

  2. If you have any questions about the scan you have signed up for please consult faculty 

  3. Show up to the scanning session 

  4. Check- In with your facilitator about 10 minutes prior to session

    1. Participate in US Time Out

    2. Scan

    3. Debrief with facilitator

    4. Log hours