Emergency Medicine Residents



    • Orientation Module

    • A Typical Day

      •  Mornings are spent either on asynchronous learning or scanning in the ED with the rotating EM resident
      •     Asynchronous learning can include: Podcasts, Journal Articles, Quizzes, Readings, Modules
      • Scanning in ED ( expect ~10 scans to be completed in AM for lunch review with  faculty)

                         Sample Scans: Cardiac/IVC for Hypotension, Cardiac/Thoracic for dyspnea, Renal/OB for abdominal pain, Procedural     
      • Afternoon team will meet up in ED
                                Assure machine homeostasis ( clean, memory available, plugged in, archiving/querying)    
                                Dyspnea, SOB, Chest pain, Flank Pain, Pregnancy, Tachycardia, Hypotension, Trauma, Syncope     
                                Potentially ICU or Skills Lab Scanning
                                Some days there may be educational events we will attend or run
      •  Wednesdays Meet in room 761 
                               Wednesdays are our primary education day. We will begin Resident Case Presentations and a subsequent didactic. Time permitting will also cover QA Review,                   interesting cases,  QI Issues and may even scan in the skills lab   
  •          ** Curriculum, specifically articles, subject to change as new publications release

Residency Checklist

    • Each Residents individual Checklist will be completed in their drive folder
** Curriculum, specifically articles, subject to change as new publications release

        • Pathology/Tasks to see and do
          • Free Fluid in Abdomen
          • Intrauterine Pregnancy
          • Poor Contractility
          • Volume Responsiveness
          • Needle to Target (NALTA)
          • Basic Image Optimization
          • B Mode and M Mode
  • PGY 2 Curriculum

      Pathology/Tasks to see and do
      • Hydro
      • AAA

      • Dissection

      • Abscess

      • Cellulitis

      • Use Color Doppler

      • Use Dynamic Range

      • ID tamponade

      • ID RV strain

      • Pneumonia

      • Pleural Effusion

      • Pneumothorax

          • Cholecystitis

          • DVT

          • Retinal Detachment

          • Vitreous Hem

          • ONSD

          • SBO

          • Appy

          • Doppler

  • Track Requirements

    - Proctor 6 Sessions
    - Present US Journal Club x 3
    - Present US Case Report x 3   
    - US QI Project
    - Attend US Conference 
    - US Research Project
    - Attend 9 Track Meetings
    • Calendar- Scanning Time

    • Clinical

    • Scanning Protocols

      Fixing QPATH Exams


    QPATH from Home