February 2019

Hi Ultrasound Enthusiasts!!
Please see our March calendar and announcements below.
As always let us know if you have any questions! 

 Sun Mon Tue WedThu Fri Sat

  BUS 5:30-7:30pm Prior 6th Floor
AUS Path Session 5:30-7pm James B050

    AUS Scanning 5-7pm
Prior 6thFloor
MATCH DAY! Goodluck M4s! 
HUS Presentations 9:30am-12:30pmHUS Oral Exam 8am-4pm
AUS Path Session 5:30-7pm James B050
 M1 LSI Endo Scanning Session 1:30-3:30pmM1 LSI Endo Scanning Session 1:30-3:30pm 
Upcoming Opportunities

Are you interested in applying to be on the Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG) Executive Board? 

We are looking for a team of talented (not necessarily in ultrasound) and dedicated individuals interested in gaining experience in leadership to help coordinate and lead the various programs run by the OSU USIG for the upcoming year.

Stay tuned, the application will come out later this month!
Beginner Ultrasound Updates
- BUS will be learning about head and neck scanning on 3/5.
- Contact coordinators Libbey Huffman (
Elizabeth.huffman@osumc.edu) and Kyle McAtee (kyle.mcatee@osumc.edu) with questions
Intermediate Ultrasound Updates
- No scans this month to allow M2s time to prepare for Step 1.  Good luck to everyone on their exams!!
- Contact coordinators Yalan Vu (
yalan.vu@osumc.edu) and Nikki Payne (Nicolette.Payne@osumc.edu) with questions
Advanced Ultrasound Updates
- Path sessions will be held on 3/5 (pediatric abdominal) and 3/26 (procedures).
- A scanning session (procedures) will be held on 3/14 from 5-7pm.
- Contact coordinators Nayan Shah (nayan.shah@osumc.edu) and Amber Gombash (amber.gombash@osumc.edu) with questions
TSUP and Proctor Updates
- Follow this link for instructions for TSUP Training, please remember you MUST complete TSUP training before volunteering for any US events
- Check out the TSUP and Proctor Sign-Up
Ultrasound Hours Reminder
-The hour requirement for all ultrasound courses is 15 hours, as a reminder proctoring counts for double hours
-Ultrasound Hours FAQs
-Log ultrasound hours here
-Check logged hours here
For more information check out our website