OSU Ultrasound is coming to the Third Annual World Congress on Ultrasound in Medical Education hosted by Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland OR.  We are excited to have 22 abstracts accepted for presentation this year. Our team of 4th year medical students, Scarlet and Grayscalewill also be competing in the Ultrasound World Cup.

Title Authors
  • Broadening the Reach of Ultrasound : Medical Education with Internal Medicine Ultrasound Rounds
Saaid Abdel-ghani, Jasleen Grewal, David Bahner, Ryan Story
  • Ultrasound Milestones for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Graduate Medical Education
David Bahner, David Way, Marcie Bockbrader, Allison Nuovo
  • Ultrasound interest group 2.0: an update for advancing programs
David Bahner Creagh Boulger , Duane Allen
  • Multidisciplinary Ultrasound Leadership Training Initiative
Daniel Francescon, Brian Ichwan,Darab Zarabi,Christopher Dukatz,James Fitzgibbon,Stephen Gardner, Alex Hatch      
  • CRA Scale: Competency Rating Assessment Scale
Creagh Boulger, Ash Panchal,  Ross McDermott.,David Bahner   
  • Ultrasound in Ground School: Educational Outcomes and Skill Development
Creagh Boulger , Justin Mcgee , David Bahner 
  • Technology Committee Best Practices for Ultrasound Interest Groups
Stephen Gardner, Lydia Sahlani,  David Bahner
  • Junior Mentors: National Ultrasound Student Interest Group
David Bahner, Zach Soucy,  Chanel Fischetti, Jennifer Cotton, Creagh Boulger , Duane Allen
  • Academic Residency Track in Focused Ultrasound
David Bahner Creagh Boulger , Daralee Hughes , Sarah Greenberger, Alex Fox 
  • Evaluation of ultrasonography near-peer education; a proposed template for use in undergraduate medical education (UME)
James Fitzgibbon, Christopher Bazzoli  David Bahner
  • General surgery ultrasound training program
Benjamin Sigmond , Daniel Eiferman, Eliza Beal , Paul Paetow, Nick Kelly , David Bahner 
  • The Sonographic Digital Portfolio 2.0: Utilizing Cloud Storage and Remote Expert Access to Provide Comprehensive Ultrasound Education
Stephen Gardner, David Bahner, Daralee Hughes,  Ken Krabacher
  • Can Medical Students Achieve Minimal Competency in MSK Ultrasound
David Bahner, Allison Nuovo, Marcie Bockbrader
  • Bedside Ultrasound Milestones for Undergraduate Medical Education
Creagh Boulger , Ash Panchal,  Ross McDermott,David Bahner   
  • Advanced Competency in Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medical Education
David Bahner, Ash Panchal ,Creagh Boulger , Ross McDermott
  • Ultrasonology: The birth of a new field of study?
David Bahner
  • USIG Research Committee: A Centralized Cloud-Based Database for Coordination of Ultrasound-Related Student Research
David Bahner Christopher Dukatz, Brian Ichwan
  • Ultrasound In Urology: A Survey of Residents Regarding Ultrasound Training, Competency, and Utilization in Urologic Surgery Training
Geoffrey Box, Joseph Wan, Firas Petros, David Bahner
  • Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access, A Basic Competency for Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medical Education
Lydia Sahlani, Ash Panchal ,Creagh Boulger ,David Bahner
  • Multidisciplinary Ultrasound ICU Rounds: A pathology rich environment.
Amar Vira, Eric Adkins, David Bahner
  • Ultrasound In Urology: A Novel Ultrasound Training Curriculum for Urologic Surgery Residency Programs
Geoffrey Box, Joseph Wan, David Bahner
  • Ultrasound In Urology: Diagnostic Ultrasound Milestones for Urologic Surgery Graduate Medical Education
Geoffrey Box, Joseph Wan, David Bahner